This week on the Over Ask Podcast, the brilliant mind behind Coffee & Contracts, Haley Ingram, joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss how she created a content membership platform with over 5,500 real estate agents. 

Haley also talks about how she navigates the constant shifts and ever-changing algorithm of Instagram to design templates that make it easy for C&C members to create addictive social media content. 

Then she, Matt, and The Broke Agent get into ChatGPT, what Haley thinks of it, and how she uses it in her own business.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:00–00:36 Intro

02:18 Who is Haley Ingram (aka “Haley Instagram”)

04:36 How she got into real estate and what she didn’t like about being an agent 

17:02 How she generates consistent content for agents to post on a monthly basis

20:17 What can new Coffee & Contracts subscribers expect? 

28:40 Carousels are back and going strong! How to make the most of them

31:24 Why she hired an assistant to help with daily customer service queries

36:56 Why it’s okay to include content that doesn’t have mass appeal

43:40 Why TikTok can’t compete with Instagram—let alone YouTube

44:39 Why she doesn’t do templates for TikTok and other platforms

47:57 How Coffee & Contracts has grown (about 5,600 members)

49:33 Matt’s ChatGPT story (and why he’ll never use it)

57:14 Get access to the recording for BAM’s ChatGPT workshop with Chris Smith

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