In today’s age of remote working and business casual, many agents ask: what should I be wearing? It’s a simple question, but the answer isn’t the same for everyone.

Here’s why:

Many people added to the conversation in the comments – keep scrolling for some inspiration on how to stand out as a real estate professional.

The Basics

There are many successful agents with different styles, so there are plenty of options for how to present yourself as a real estate professional. No matter what, everyone should follow the basics:

  • DON’T wear raggedy clothes or clothes that don’t fit.
  • DO select outfits that make you feel confident.
  • DO always look fresh and clean.

These tips may seem simple and obvious, but we’ve all seen agents who look like they just rolled out of bed.

I’m glad you posted this. Just this past week I was surprised how many agents dressed improperly.


Omg this is amazing some agents really need to listen to this 🙈🙈👏👏👏


Let the Market Guide You

As far as the rest of the rules for how to dress as an agent – it depends. A good rule of thumb is to gravitate towards the expectations in your market.

If you are in a major city or working in a luxury market, dress the part. Ryan Serhant does deals with hedge fund managers on a regular basis. How would it look if he showed up in anything less than a suit?

NYC agents aren’t the only ones who dress to impress. In Las Vegas, Sam Coleman makes sure his appearance is up to par:

These agents from Arlington, VA, Temecula, CA, and Santa Barbara, CA agree:

I always wear a suit 🤷‍♂️


Always prefer a suit but sometimes I do dress down. Really does depend on the client and situation.


I get so annoyed when I see agents in my town wearing jeans – poor representation of the profession.


In Los Angeles, Taya DiCarlo ensures she shows up with style, whether she’s working a listing appointment or an open house:

And Dan O’Neil quickly grew his team to become the number one team on Long Island before his 28th birthday:

Dressing professionally doesn’t mean you need to give up your personal sense of style. Glennda Baker is known for her star-studded outfits in Georgia:

While Erin Sykes works in some of the most fashionable markets in the world:

your vibe attracts your tribe! I have half sleeves on both arms and don’t hide it at all. People want you to be authentic!


If you’re not in a luxury market or city, the advice still stands: go with the market expectations.

Often I find myself in a nice hoodie or occasional button-up. My market is rural northwest Wisconsin. Some showings require boots and jackets. Lol.


Amen. Hawaiian shirts, jorts and a raggy beard in a mountain town


Used to dress in a suit, now business casual and ppl appreciate it more I find.


Of course, there are exceptions to every rule: 

what if I’m home shopping with nudist clients.. what do you expect me to do then Byron? 🤨