Homebuyer events are known to be super small with little to no success. So when I decided to host a free event for anyone interested in buying a home, I knew it would be a challenge. I also knew I wanted it to be larger than the homebuyer event I had last year, which 13 people attended.  

With preparation and some strategic planning, I was able to do just that. Not only did 21 people show up to my latest homebuying event, but it is already generating business for me. 

Here’s everything I did to make this homebuying event a success. 

Determine How to Incorporate Your Branding into the Event

“Homebuyer Seminar” doesn’t exactly scream “fun,” so I started by thinking about how to incorporate my branding (which involves a disco ball) and a bit of my personality. 

I knew a few things upfront:

  • The vibe: laid back, yet aesthetically pleasing
  • The tone: Entertaining and informative

I always enjoy playing with words – whether through puns, alliteration, or rhyming – so I kept that in mind as I came up with what I should “title” this event. 

Eventually, “A Slice of Real Estate Advice” just popped into my head after thinking of how I could create an event title out of me simply “giving people buying advice.” 

From there, the ideas flooded in:

  • Pizza for dinner
  • Retro theme with red and black checkered prints
  • And of course…Disco balls

Don’t Skimp on Marketing and Promotion

When planning an event, always think about who you can collaborate with to make your vision a reality. I rented out a local event space called Onyx & Opal. The owner, Weston, and I have become good friends over time through various projects we have done together, and he also happens to be an event stylist. Once I told him my thoughts, he made it come to life! 

I also collaborated with a friend of mine, Marlie, who is a local artist and graphic designer. She helped me create a custom pizza box I wanted for the promo pictures.


It’s not enough to post a couple of Instagram Stories if you want to attract a crowd. Marketing for events needs to be taken as seriously as marketing a listing. 

That’s why I worked with Nostalgia Media Photo to get some promo pics done for the event. I started posting two weeks out from the event date, and I posted a TON about my event to hype it up. I invited people I know from my sphere, and I sent an email blast to my newsletter (Taylor Tribune) subscribers. 


Partner with Sponsors to Help with Event Costs

To help with event costs, I worked with a few sponsors to help with the event. Collaboration is key, and it helps save money! 

Consider the professionals you work with on a regular basis:

  • Lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Vendors

With my sponsors, I was able to offer door prizes and reach more people with an invite to the event. We also all brought our own handouts and marketing materials for buyers to take with them. 

Intimate and Informative

At the event, I spoke about the general homebuying process, and the sponsors all got to briefly speak as well. 

Between all of us, we were able to thoroughly cover contract to close, our local market conditions, and upgrades and improvements you can make to your home! 

I’ll admit—I was nervous when I first started marketing my event because the registrations were slow to come in. I spoke to other agents who had hosted “buyer seminar” events before and the majority of them told me that the event was extremely small, with most getting 10 or fewer people.

I set myself a goal to get 15 buyers there. I knew with 15, it would be a decent crowd, yet still intimate to where I would be able to get 1:1 time with everyone that came. What I DIDN’T want was an event so large that I wouldn’t get to visit with everyone. 

I wound up having 21 buyers show up. It was AMAZING! 

With 21 attendees, I was also able to talk to and visit everyone who came, and the room was full. 

Better than that, it delivered results for myself and my prospects. One week later, I helped one of those buyers get under contract and met with two others for a 1:1 buyer consult. And because I was able to keep the event pretty affordable, if I close just one buyer who attended the event, it will do more than pay for itself.