The thing that separates you from Zillow is the ability to get involved in your community. When you show that you care about your community and the people in it, your business will change for the better. 

So, how do you get involved?

Start by joining any community board, chamber of commerce,  or committee that sparks your interest. In other words—anything that helps people who live in the same place as you. 

Be hyper-local

You need to show that you care, especially in our real estate industry which is being disrupted by Wall Street and upended by technology. 

The one thing Zillow and these types of companies cannot compete with is the last mile within your community—being hyper-local. 

Be involved in all the areas that they cannot be involved in. Choose to join boards and activities that speak to your interests and passions within your community. And when tragedy or natural disaster strikes, be sure you continue to show up and help out even more. 

Invest your time and energy

By participating, donating your time, and putting in the hard work to better your community, you will naturally meet more people. Talk to them, have real estate conversations with them, and don’t hide what you do for work. 

As you meet members of your community, they’ll become interested in you and what you do for work, and they’ll become more aware of your brand. These people are naturally going to want to help you with your goals. 

Since you’re working on commonalities, you’ll spend some time together. And connecting online is a natural extension of that. 

Connect with your community on social

Connect with everyone you meet on your boards and committees on social media. You’ll have more opportunities to meet people in their networks—that they’re connected to—when you connect on social. 

While you’re at it, make sure you are also showing up in community Facebook groups. Answer any real estate questions that get asked, provide resources for people who just moved to the area, and update people with the latest market information. 

The more conversations you have, the more connections you create, the more you get involved, and the more you show up, the more you will be seen as a valued community member. And that will lead to more referrals.

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