When did floor plans become illegal?! This week on The Real Word, Byron and Nicole cover three topics we didn’t see coming. Check them out below, or tune in for the full episode.

How Floor Plans became Illegal

Shout out to NAR for getting ahead of this racket – because it’s something that snuck up on real estate agents. The National Association of Realtors is “urging the Supreme Court to review and overturn a federal appeals court threatening copyright liability for the use of floor plans in the sale of a home.” 

Floor plans allow the buyer to visualize the flow of the house, the size of rooms, and whether or not they want to go see the home in person. We’d love your thoughts on this topic – add to the discussion in Discord.

Foreign Real Estate Buyer Ban

In Canada, there’s discussion about banning foreign real estate buyers. The ban, which would last for two years, is one of many proposals to make housing more affordable for Canadians. There is debate whether a foreign buyer ban will have a significant impact on housing prices, but it’s an option Parliament is considering.

Soaring housing prices are happening in the United States as well – will a similar ban take place in the States if successful in Canada?

An April Fools Marketeer

In March, a property was listed in Florida for $100,000,000 with one photo. A few days later (on April 1, 2022) the price dropped over 84% to $15 million, and the public remarks were updated to include: 

April Fools! 

Every agent in the local market is talking about this listing. And for that reason alone, it’s the marketeer of the week.