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It is officially the Holiday season, and the next 90 days are critical for agents. Holiday-related Reels, TikToks, and audios are now kosher and will flood our screens. The good news is that half of the existing real estate population will essentially give up until the New Year as their clients start hitting them with the “I think we want to wait until the new year” excuse.

But NOT US! We post MORE content and double down. These next two months are an excellent opportunity to stand out from your competition and crush your digital marketing while all the newly licensed 2021 agents, who thought this was easy money, drown themselves in Turkey, booze, and excuses. 

Here’s a breakdown of what agents should be doing on Instagram for the next 90 days.

Batch Evergreen Video Content

Vertical video has been discussed ad nauseam over the last two years, so if you have yet to film any, now is the time to start. If you’re already shooting vertical video, double down on it. Especially with the holidays coming up, batching content right now will have you covered through holiday travel and Q1.

Most people should aim to shoot 5-10 clips of evergreen content when they sit down to batch record. Avoid ultra-timely headlines and aim to talk about things that you can post two months down the road.

If you are shooting with a videographer and have more timely content, always let them know which specific pieces need to be edited ASAP so you can post them within the next week.

With the holidays coming up, you can batch-record specific content pertaining to them. A few ideas:

  • Core principles that you have in your business
  • Is winter a good time to buy a house in your market?
  • What have the numbers historically told us over the last 20 years about buying in November and December? 

You can also head over to The Broke Agent’s content ideas posts for more inspiration.

DM before the holidays

Instead of sending some insincere canned email, send personalized DMs or voice messages via Instagram to the clients and friends you are genuinely thankful for. Not only is the approach more personalized, but the Instagram algorithm rewards you and your content with exposure when it detects organic conversation going down in the DMs. 

Getting this done the week before any key holidays is definitely a hack. PLEASE don’t reach out to anyone on the day of a holiday. It puts a burden on them and is super annoying.

Mix In Entertainment With Professionalism

Your Instagram audience is made up of 100% of people who chose to follow you, so they already know who you are. Take advantage of this and dive into some behind-the-scenes of what’s going on in your life during the holidays.

  • Why you think your mom’s stuffing is the best in the world 
  • Your favorite ambrosia topping
  • Having fun at a holiday market.

Remain Apolitical

Ah, yes, everyone’s favorite, taking a political stance on Instagram.

Pro: The people who agree with you will love and support you even more.

Con: You may alienate 50% of your audience.

Christophe Choo is a successful real estate agent in Beverly Hills who brilliantly incorporated politics into his marketing. Ahead of the midterms, he sent an email blast explaining why voting yes on a mansion tax would hurt the local real estate market.

“Be the down-the-middle reporter on Instagram and deliver information. Tell people what’s on the ballot, what it’s asking you to answer yes or no to, and how it will impact the real estate market. Just stay completely down the middle of the aisle.”

Byron Lazine


You can certainly play to what’s trending and use a Taylor Swift song to up your views, but original audio is still more favorable. Remember that Instagram sometimes removes trending audio out of nowhere. Don’t overthink it, and get comfortable talking into a camera.

As we saw earlier this week, Instagram is extremely vulnerable, so continue to do what works for your audience.

Stay tuned for the rest of the “How to Explode” series, where we’ll be breaking down tips for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Q&A’s from the BAM webinar!