On this 259th episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking with one of the best educators in the real estate space on social media. His name is Arjun Dhingra. He’s a two-time TaeKwon-Do world champion, and now he’s kicking ass in the real estate world. 

You guys know our guest’s younger brother, Neel Dhingra. And you’ll hear him refer to Neel’s formula for creating viral videos, which he used when creating his own. 

Today, Arjun shares some of the game-changing lessons he learned when starting out as a video creator. He also breaks down the process and discoveries that helped him dominate social media by demystifying the world of mortgage lending.  

You can entertain through educating, and Arjun has that nailed. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0010:50 Intro — with a special offer

13:15 Starting on social: why, how, and what did he learn

19:03 If people are asking for hamburgers, don’t serve them burritos.

24:00 You don’t run out of ideas when you have that approach.

26:28 Misusing the platforms, using a one-size-fits-all approach

28:07 Rule of thumb: what to post in Stories vs. Reels

31:38 The big mistake people make with pillar content

32:48 Using social media to enhance other marketing methods

37:02 Arjun’s formula for making videos for social

39:46 Dustin’s hack when watching Arjun’s videos

42:22 Always answer this question!

48:48 The green screen concept (and why it works so well)

52:30 One of the best hooks Dustin has ever heard

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