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BAM Key Details: 

  • According to a survey commissioned by Redfin, double vanities ranked at the top of the list of must-have bathroom/kitchen features for luxury homebuyers, outranking luxe countertops and a walk-in pantry. 
  • Open floor plans are the most preferred indoor home trend, while landscaping is the biggest must-have outdoor feature. 
  • The biggest turnoff for luxury homebuyers is an outdated kitchen. 

A recent survey commissioned by Redfin reveals the biggest must-have home features for luxury homebuyers—as well as the biggest turnoffs. 

Qualtrics conducted the survey in April–May 2024, and about 300 Redfin Premier agents responded to questions about how common it was for luxury homebuyers to— 

  • Specifically request a home with a particular indoor or outdoor feature
  • Decide against making an offer on a home with a particular feature

Luxury buyers are looking to fall in love with their future home, and they often make emotional decisions because they have the financial means to do so. What luxury buyers want are all the features of a custom built home in an established and enviable neighborhood. A home where, before even touring, the buyer can envision the cooking they’d do in the kitchen or the entertaining they’d do in the indoor/outdoor living space.

Andrew Rottner

Redfin Premier Agent in Denver

The #1 requested bathroom/kitchen amenity

Agents responding to the survey were asked, “How common is it for luxury buyers to ask for each of the following bathroom/kitchen amenities?” 

Based on their responses, double vanities are a must-have for 86% of high-end homebuyers, followed by kitchen islands, granite or quartz countertops, and walk-in pantries. 

Top requested bathroom/kitchen amenities: 

  1. Double sinks/double vanity (86% of agents said it was “very common” for buyers to request this feature)
  2. Granite or quartz countertops (85%)
  3. Kitchen Island (85%)
  4. Walk-in pantry (83%)
  5. High-end appliances (77%)
  6. Custom cabinets (53%)
  7. A separate toilet room (47%)
  8. Smart-home technology (42%–44%)
  9. Free standing tub (38%)
  10. Showers with multiple heads (35%)
  11. Energy-efficient appliances (31%)
  12. Wine fridge (22%)
  13. Farmhouse sink (20%)
  14. Butler’s pantry (18%)
  15. Heated floors (17%)
  16. Integrated sound system (14%)
  17. Prep kitchen (13%)
  18. Coffee station (12%)
  19. Pot filler (11%)
  20. Steam shower (8%)
  21. Mini fridge (7%)
  22. Jacuzzi tub (6%)
  23. Bidet (4%)

The most desirable overall home trend: open floor plans

Another question had to do with popular home trends. Drawing from their experience with luxury buyers, they identified only two of the trends as “very desirable”:

  1. Open concept floor plans 
  2. Granite or quartz countertops

Meanwhile, several home trends that used to be popular—including shiplap, sliding barn doors, and dog wash stations—seem to have slid out of favor for high-end homebuyers. 

Home trends and how desirable they are for buyers:

  1. Open concept floor plans (83% of agents reported this as “very desirable” for buyers)
  2. Granite countertops (51%)
  3. Wet bar or beverage center (22%)
  4. Shiplap (8%)
  5. Sliding barn doors (8%)
  6. Brightly-colored accent walls (6%)
  7. Dog wash station (5%)
  8. Wallpaper (4%)
  9. Tile countertops (2%)
  10. Linoleum floors (1%)

The biggest must-have outdoor feature: landscaping

Among outdoor features, 69% of luxury homebuyers consider landscaping a must-have, with an indoor/outdoor living space coming in at number two (58%). 

That said, outdoor amenities are less likely to be on a luxury homebuyer’s must-have list than popular kitchen or bathroom features. 

More than half of these buyers said energy efficient and climate-friendly features like solar panels, solar-powered lights, and drought-resistant landscaping are not on their list of non-negotiables when it comes to the backyard.

Top must-have outdoor features: 

  1. Landscaping (69% of agents said it was “very common” for buyers to ask an agent to find a home with this outdoor feature)
  2. Indoor/outdoor living space (58%)
  3. Covered patio (46%)
  4. Pool (33%)
  5. Outdoor kitchen (33%)
  6. Fire pit (21%)
  7. Hot tub (20%)
  8. Drip irrigation (19%)
  9. Shed (17%)
  10. Drought-resistant landscaping (12%)
  11. Solar panels (11%)
  12. Solar-powered lighting (5%)
  13. Pizza oven (2%)

The biggest turnoff for luxury buyers is an outdated kitchen

Based on the survey responses, over half (54%) of luxury homebuyers are unlikely to make an offer on a home with an outdated kitchen, making that the number one turnoff for high-end buyers, followed by a lack of curb appeal, outdated bathrooms, and popcorn ceilings. 

With monthly housing payments close to their highest recorded level, coming up with cash for renovations has gotten harder for many buyers. Even a luxury home can sit on the market longer than expected if it needs expensive renovations to bring it up to buyers’ standards.

Agents in the survey were asked how common it was for a buyer to decide against making an offer on a home after discovering certain features during a home tour. 

Knowing the biggest turnoffs for buyers can help sellers make better use of their resources by targeting the most important updates before selling.

The biggest turnoffs for luxury homebuyers: 

  1. Outdated kitchen (54% of agents said it was “very common” for buyers to decide against making an offer on a home with this feature)
  2. Lack of curb appeal (48%)
  3. Outdated bathroom (44%)
  4. Popcorn ceiling (40%)
  5. Outdated carpet (38%)
  6. Obscure paint colors (33%)
  7. Overly textured walls (31%)
  8. Old appliances (31%)
  9. Poorly placed laundry room (18%)