Taya Dicarlo graduated from the University of Oregon with aspirations of becoming a Newscaster, but shortly realized that she wasn’t fit for the job. Eventually, Taya — as she describes it — succumbed to her dad’s wishes and took the real estate exam as a backup plan.

Fast forward to now, and Taya’s a top agent at Compass in Los Angeles. She also happens to produce killer social media content. On this episode of The Byron Lazine Podcast, I talk with Taya about her journey from Hollywood to housing, California real estate, and overcoming self-doubt.

The future of California real estate

Taya talks about the headlines we’re all seeing, which make it seem like there is a mass exodus from California. But in reality, agents are still seeing properties getting 81 offers. Some people are leaving the state, but plenty of individuals – and investors – are still buying in southern California. Taya shares why this is the case, and why residential agents need to be able to run and understand the numbers for investors.

Creating inventory

There are always opportunities in the real estate industry – as long as you are willing to put in the work to find them. On her 100% female team, Taya teaches her agents how to create inventory. She also shares how she utilizes Instagram to educate the consumer and sell sleeper properties – even when they aren’t her listings.

Video marketing

Taya’s video marketing has made a mark across all platforms. We discuss how Taya built up her content, what she plans on doing next, and how to build confidence when stepping in front of the camera (in short – get over yourself and hit record).