For today’s 250th episode of The Real Word, Byron surprised his co-host with a gift before launching into the day’s meatiest topic: the existential crisis facing Opendoor and the future of iBuying. 

If Opendoor’s behavior has been raising eyebrows, the next breaking news story had jaws hitting the floor. MV Realty has become the subject of a lawsuit after the discovery of some shady practices targeting minority homeowners. 

Today’s “Left, Middle, Right” segment started with a CNBC article on the expected outcome of the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Biden’s student loan relief program. The episode ends with an update on the University of Idaho murders. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:58 Intro

01:58 Topic #1: Opendoor faces existential crisis

25:41 Topic #2: MV Realty accused of deceptive practices

28:28 Clip of news coverage

32:49 Left, Middle, Right

33:09 Supreme Court likely to rule Biden’s student debt relief program illegal

38:18 Update on the University of Idaho murders

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