Some listings take a more creative approach. After all, when you’re marketing a patch of dirt, you don’t have a home to show off with stunning photography and walkthrough videos. 

Fortunately, the people who would be interested in that patch of dirt don’t really mind that. 

In fact, the vacancy of that lot is one of its main selling points. The rest are tied to the vision the ideal buyer has for that space. They could be practical, like easy access to utilities—or aesthetic, like breathtaking views from all sides. 

And while you could take a video from the actual vacant lot, we’re loving this new take

Last month, Shannon Gillette posted a listing video for land in Apache Junction, Arizona. And the video itself is a brilliant example of how to use the green screen option on Instagram to promote a listing without doing a walk through. 

Here are the four main features that make this video so effective: 

  1. A strong hook
  2. Essential and compelling details about the land for sale
  3. Strong visuals
  4. A closing that implies a CTA

Strong hook

Shannon starts out by immediately appealing to the kind of buyer who would be interested in the plot of land she’s promoting in the video. 

“If you’ve been dreaming of building your own custom home but you don’t have a ton of money to spend on the land, check out our newest listing.” 

Even those who are not planning to build a custom home are likely to be curious about the land, especially with detailed images moving around in the green screen background. 

So, as with all the top-shelf green screen videos we’ve seen, the hook is both verbal and visual. 

Essential and compelling details

The next few sentences provide the most pertinent information about the land—enough of the details an interested buyer would want to know before reading the description to learn more. 

“This is on over an acre. It has the most incredible mountain views. It’s flat. It has utilities.” 

The description adds a few more details: 

  • Under $350K
  • 15 minutes to Canyon Lake
  • Mountain views from every window

The mountain views were mentioned in the video, but by adding “from every window,” Shannon appeals to buyers who want to build a custom home in a spot surrounded by natural beauty. 

Engaging visuals

This is one of the great things about green screen videos. You’ve got movement in the background as the video creator scrolls through the page they’re featuring. 

In this case, Shannon is showing a property listing page for the land in Apache Junction, scrolling to reveal images of the land and the surrounding views. The video also highlights a listing video to tempt interested buyers into visiting the page to learn more. 

Viewers can also see the address—5978 E Pioneer Street, Apache Junction, AZ 85119—which they can then plug into Google Maps to get a better sense of the surrounding area and what businesses are within an easy driving distance. 

An ending with an implied CTA

The ending is brief and effective, appealing to buyers in a hurry to get started building their dream home on land where utilities are readily available—and appealing to their eagerness to secure the perfect plot of land. 

“So, you could start building today.” 

Interested buyers would then click over to Shannon’s profile and click the (Linktree) link in her bio, where they can call her or check out the “Gillette Group Website” to get more information on the land. 

Use that link in your own bio to provide a menu of options for your audience. Make it easy for them to find the information they want. 

Green screen is ideal for this type of listing because, as there isn’t yet a home to walk through, Shannon can focus on the views and other important details while giving viewers a peek at the listing page. 

Try this for a listing of your own if a walk through video is not an option—or if you’d just like to see which type of promotional video attracts more buyers. 

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