In this week’s episode of The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White start with an Inman article on the importance of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which made the news when some high-risk moves led it to its recent takeover by California regulators—and the second largest bank collapse in U.S. history.

Next up was a BAM article on the Plunk app, which could shake things up for Zillow and the entire real estate industry, especially since Plunk has recently partnered up with three tech startups to revolutionize mortgage lending, housing inventory, and influencer marketing. 

Racket #3 highlights a project by Elon Musk to build a town of his own in a rural county just east of Austin, Texas, which, apparently, is just one of those things billionaires do. An article on Bloomberg explores the history of some of the richest people in the world building towns of their own to perpetuate personal philosophies. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0002:30 Intro

02:30 Racket #1: SVB Bank sped up innovation 

04:01 60 years of SVB and the 2nd biggest bank collapse in U.S. history

07:56 High-risk moves made by SVB

10:42 How important are regional banks for residential real estate?

14:26 Racket #2: Plunk shakes up the real estate industry

15:43 What Nicole likes about Plunk

17:53 Byron’s take on Plunk as a disruptor

19:43 Racket #3: Elon Musk’s planned Texas fiefdom

21:54 Could this be the future of how we build infrastructure in other towns?

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