Contrary to what you may think after reading Worst of the Week, we aren’t ALWAYS assholes. And let’s be real—there are some pretty drool-worthy home design features out there. 

So, to balance out the negativity, we’re bringing you real estate’s Best of the Week. We’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a collection of breathtaking properties and innovative designs that will leave you feeling inspired (and maybe a little jealous). 

Sit back, relax, and take some time to swoon over these beautiful homes and design features!

#1— Car Rotator

Tight driveway? No problem! This is a dream for people who are as bad at parking and K-turns as I am.

#2— Modern Home for Nature Lovers

A lofty interior with walls of glass, hardwood beams, and views of nature—it’s no wonder this modern Raleigh home is in the NC Modernist registry. This place is a work of art.

#3— Swing-Out Shelf

Everyone with a KitchenAid will be running to their cabinets to see if they can DIY this swing-out shelf. The frustration of lugging around various kitchen appliances is over with an innovation like this. 

#4—Pull Out Closet

This closet space is both functional and beautiful. 10/10, no critiques.

#5— Mid Century Done Right

It’s not often that we see a mid-century modern home that doesn’t make us cringe. This place wins big for its floor-to-ceiling windows with year-round 360-degree views of the NYC skyline.

#6— For Your Inner Child

Not exactly a practical design feature, but if you’re looking to escape from doing the dishes, this hidden slide will do the trick!

#7— Pantry Perfection

This is what my pantry dreams are made of. I’ll take whoever organized it, too.