Contrary to what you may think after reading Worst of the Week, we aren’t ALWAYS assholes. And let’s be real—there are some pretty drool-worthy home design features out there. 

So, to balance out the negativity, we’re bringing you real estate’s Best of the Week. We’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a collection of breathtaking properties and innovative designs that will leave you feeling inspired (and maybe a little jealous). 

Sit back, relax, and take some time to swoon over these beautiful homes and design features!

#1—Drink Corner

Most people are deterred from getting too many appliances because it can make a kitchen look crowded, but this appliance garage fits into this space seamlessly.

I would love to have a dedicated drink area to store beverages and free up some real estate in my fridge!

#2— Italy in Vegas

This couple loved Italy so much that they replicated an Italian street outside their home, complete with fountains, cobblestones and cafe tables. While this does beg the question, why not just move to Italy, I love the dedication!

#3—Cutting Board Storage

I think everyone can agree that we would opt for a larger cutting board if storage wasn’t such an issue. The lip that ensures a perfect alignment with the counter is what does it for me!

#4—Dreamy Closet

This guest bedroom-turned walk-in closet has it all: optimal organization, natural light, stunning design, and a coastal Hamptons aesthetic. I’d have a hard time leaving this space.

#5—Laundry Envy

You know you’ve fully reached adulthood when you find a laundry room exciting. The playful wallpaper and beautiful cabinetry give life to this space. The adorable puppy doesn’t hurt, either.