Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram.

#1—Chandelier Surplus

Having hobbies is important, and I get that. But chandelier collecting should probably have some sort of cap, so your house doesn’t end up looking like this. 

#2— Full Of Rustic Charm

This looks like you asked AI to show you a quaint farmhouse—all the rustic elements are there, but it doesn’t quite fit. 

Also, why is the bed so big??

#3—Tower Home

The perfect place for those who should have been correctional officers in another life! User @donovan.mcdaniel Summed it up pretty well: “It’s like it was designed in Minecraft.”

#4— Bump In The Road

I’ve been working on a list of possible uses for this eyesore. So far:

  • Landing spot for the “floor is lava” game
  • Stepping stool for guys under 6ft 
  • Soapbox
  • Cat pedestal
  • Timeout stool 
  • Candle or plant ledge

#5— Sterile Home

I feel like if I spilled a drink here the owner would punch me in the stomach.

#6— Something’s Missing

This house looks like it’s still loading. What an awful garage door placement.

#7— Death Trap Loft

This looks like it was designed by someone who flunked out halfway through carpentry school. Seriously, could we at least get some support posts? You could not pay me to sleep a night in this thing.

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