Brendon Carter, whose name is indeed Brendon and not Brandon, is ready to start lecturing real estate agents on the keys to success. “I sold my cousin’s house and watched a Gary Vee video on YouTube,” Brendon said. “Pretty sure I can just repackage what he’s saying and sell it to agents across the country.” We asked Brendon how he plans on gaining the trust of agents and he said without hesitation, “I’m going to buy 50,000 Instagram followers and sell an NFT.” He continued: “I’ve been eating shit my entire life. It’s time I start feeding my own shit to other people.” 

Since making the change to coaching, Brendon has recently come out with a Free Ebook titled:

However, when you try to download the Ebook, it appears you only get access to one free chapter that’s littered with links to for a “Free Coaching Session.” Further research shows the coaching session is actually a $2,000 Zoom for 30 minutes and the rest of the Ebook is also curiously behind a $499 paywall. We at BAM will keep you updated on this story as we continue to follow Brendon’s career.