Last week, Jason Pantana shared the news about Instagram’s latest nod to Tiktok. IG Reels may be extending their runtime, allowing users to post videos of up to ten minutes. 

And if there’s one thing we’re huge fans of here at BAM is diversifying your content—from snappy shorts to long-form interviews and podcasts. And there are definitely advantages to creating longer-form content. 

What we know so far

The folks at Tech Crunch have all the details we’ll be spilling here. As of yet, Instagram is only testing longer Reels internally. Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi first uncovered the feature by sharing an image of the internal prototype on X. 

By expanding their Reel length from three minutes to 10, Instagram would, once again, be taking a page from TikTok’s book. TikTok increased its maximum video length to 10 minutes over a year ago—in February 2022. Ten-minute Reels would also compete with YouTube.

If Instagram officially rolls out 10-minute Reels, creators will have more time and flexibility for videos that are difficult to trim down to three minutes—or that otherwise need to be broken into multiple parts. Even if you tell your audience to “Watch Part 2,” there’s no guarantee they’ll take the time to find and watch it. 

If Reels can be up to 10 minutes long, users who create educational content, comedy sketches,  cooking demos, etc., won’t have to choose between gutting their content and breaking it into smaller pieces. 

That said, with longer videos, you will have to work a bit harder to keep viewers interested all the way to the end. But those who stick around and who then take the time to comment or send a DM are more likely to be, as Jason put it, “high-intent prospects.” 

Instagram is different from both YouTube and TikTok, both in the way you engage with your audience/subscribers and in users’ ability to create an online community around their brand. 

People use these platforms differently, but there’s plenty of evidence to show that if you create high-quality long-form content, people will watch it. 

So, now what?

It’s too soon to tell whether this feature would crash and burn like IGTV. But it’s doubtful Instagram would even toy with the idea of 10-minute Reels unless they’d learned something from their IGTV experience that would make that outcome less likely this time around.

In any case, what should you be doing right now to (possibly) take advantage of this new feature? 

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Second of all, if you’re not already creating long-form content, start building a library of high-value longer-form videos for your audience. 

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