Who doesn’t want more listings? I have not talked to many agents—really, I can’t think of one—that said, “Y’know what? I don’t want any listings. I don’t want to work listings. I just want to work with buyers all the time.” 

This is the hardest skill in the business to learn. And it’s also the one where people don’t want to put in the practice. 

Getting a listing signed takes repetition. And it takes crafting your method so that you can go to these appointments—after you get the appointment set, which is a skill in itself—and get them signed at a high rate. 

So, here’s what I know: Your presentation has to be bulletproof. It needs to be scripted, practiced, rehearsed, and, in many cases, memorized. 

And a lot of you may say, “C’mon, Tom, I don’t need to do that.” 

I have two questions for you: 

  1. At what rate are you getting listings signed?
  2. How many appointments are you going on?

Because for most, at least one of those numbers is too low. 

The 3-point presentation plan

So, knowing that, there’s a three-point presentation plan to execute for your presentation every time. And this is where you’ve got to craft it yourself. So pull out some paper or a fresh document online and answer the questions below.

Then memorize the script, be able to commit it, give it on demand, and know it cold

Here are the three points—and, basically, they’re the three reasons why a home sells. 

#1: Buyers need to have the right emotional reaction when they walk through the home. 

Tell sellers that buyers must have an emotional reaction when touring the home. Determine what they need to do and how you will help them get there, and line up your talking points below that. 

So, the first bullet point is the right emotional reaction. What are you going to do to help your client get there? 

  • Do you have a stager in house?
  • Do you have any sort of home prep that you do?

Sellers will want to know how you will help create the emotional reaction.

#2: Have the right exposure online and offline

That’s the header. The sub-bullet points are all the things you’re doing as an agent to get your client the right exposure. 

  • Are you doing professional photography? 
  • Are you doing video?
  • What kind of ad campaign do you have? 
  • Are you partnering with any portal sites?
  • Are you doing open houses?

Explain your marketing plan. Tell them what works. Then comes your follow-up plan—once the inbound comes in—and also how you market to other agents. 

Most people have what I call a 3-point plan where they put a sign up, put it on the internet, and they just wait for somebody to show up. And that’s not good enough in today’s market to get listings signed. 

So, have a clear marketing value proposition to deliver the right exposure online and offline. 

#3: Position the home properly to sell

This is where market analysis comes in. 

  • How are you coming up with the market analysis? 
  • What’s your method?
  • Are you showing sellers relevant data that will get the home sold—and show them what the market is saying right now?

My view is you want to show them the following three things: 

  • Active listings—especially what’s not selling
  • Pending sales—so you know where the market is going; and 
  • Recent closings—so they can have an idea of what’s happening in the market and some real, concrete numbers. 

Explain those three things clearly and concisely, know the body language techniques of when to change the tone of your voice and when to lean in, and then practice this over and over again—that’s how you’re going to take listings at a high level. 

So, once you take those three points, get your presentation, and know your talking points, record yourself saying it, so you can understand what you sound like when you’re delivering the presentation.

Finally, come up with some deliverables to leave with the seller. 

  • A brag sheet
  • A listing presentation
  • A folder with different visual aids

You may even want to include an iPad with a Powerpoint slide deck. That’s not me, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you. 

You have to know how to structure the presentation, practice it, commit it to memory, get great at delivering it, and have some visual aids. 

Follow that formula, and you will sign more listings. You’ll also be more prepared when you walk into these appointments than anybody else.