Do those prominent forehead wrinkles catch you off guard every time you look in the mirror?

It turns out those wrinkles might not be a sign of stress-induced premature aging, but rather a badge of honor for those in the real estate business.

Matt Lionetti finally figured out what causes real estate wrinkles, and judging by the flood of comments about Botox, it looks like he isn’t alone:

We all know that in the world of real estate, nothing ever goes as planned. No matter how long agents have been in the business, they’re constantly caught off guard. Whether it’s a client backing out of a perfect deal or another agent who doesn’t know how to fill out a contract, agents are left with that classic expression of shock and disbelief – eyebrows raised, mouth open, forehead furrowed. 

It’s no wonder those real estate wrinkles run so deep. All those frantic facial expressions take a toll on the skin, leaving agents will deep furrows and creases in their foreheads. 

So don’t worry. It’s not that you’re getting older. You’re just a really experienced real estate agent. 

And if all else fails, there’s always Botox.