Andy Dane Carter grew up poor and struggled with ADHD throughout his school years. When his pot-smoking friend burned his house down and moved in, he encouraged Andy to get his real estate license and learn how to flip houses. 

That was in 2008 when agents were leaving the industry in droves. The rest is history—the kind of history movies are made of. He’s now a bestselling author and multi-million dollar agent. 

In this episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Andy joins The Broke Agent and Matt Lionetti to talk about his background, his real estate business, his book (100 Doors), and the power of that little blue check on Instagram. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:14 Intro

01:15 Who is Andy Dane Carter?

03:14 An unconventional path to real estate

06:50 Reaching $100 million in yearly sales

08:58 The power of being in major publications

10:20 How did you get in Huffington Post & Forbes?

19:58 The book: 100 Doors

24:47 How to grow on YouTube

28:05 What do you see in YouTube Shorts?

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