Andrew Perrie has done about 90% of his business from agent-to-agent referrals. And he’s done over $150 million in sales in the last 24 months. 

This week, on the Over Ask Podcast, he joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss the importance of being accessible and the type of content he creates to attract this business. 

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00:0000:24 Intro

02:05 About $150 mil in sales, mostly from referrals

03:02 Was this a conscious decision on your part?

09:17 How can someone today start working towards being that agent?

10:16 Andrew’s personal Instagram and how he uses it

11:50 I always answer my phone after one ring, no matter who it is

16:00 Is it you who does your Facebook and Instagram?

17:41 Do you have your read receipts on for text messages?

19:08 Are your clients ever upset with you when you don’t post their specific listing?

23:23 Are you looking to duplicate yourself?

29:09 The content you’re creating for agents, what does that look like?

37:24 How are you shifting your brand and your content strategy right now?

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