Spencer Miller casually strolled into the office with an iced coffee and flipped open his laptop for the first time at 11:00 AM. After he checked his portfolio and picked up the Colts Defense, he finally got to his “work” email. At first glance his inbox appeared normal: a couple new listings, a price correction, a printer was down in the office, a receipt from Uber Eats, something from Homesnap, the usual.

But then something caught Spencer’s eye… an email with the subject: “List house with you?” He immediately clicked on it and was delighted by what he saw next. “Sorry I’m only reaching out now. My father passed and I have received very large inheritance. But being prince I need to sell my land and you are real estate agent American. Will help me sell off my estate as I move to country? You are trusted and can beneficiary to $30 million inheritance but will I need personal information. Please this is urgent. I am very enthusiastic business man and we do things BIG. Send over account information for wire ASAP as my flight leaves soon. Thank you and talk before working day is done.”

Spencer finished the email and quickly logged into his account to retrieve the information needed for the wire. He was overjoyed by this life changing lead and was already picturing his keynote speech at the next Inman conference. He sent over his social security number and everything the Prince needed for the wire. It’s been two days and Spencer has not heard back yet. However, he is patient as he understands there is a time difference and that the Prince is traveling.

We will keep you updated on this story.