This week on The Walk Thru, Paige Steckling and Tom Storey join Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to cover the latest developments in the real estate industry and agent marketing. 

The conversation kicks off with news from NAR of agents leaving the industry and the pros and cons that go with news like this. 

Next up, you’ll get to see two listing videos—one from Ryan Serhant and the other from Paige Steckling (our esteemed moderator and friend). 

After that comes news of Rocket Mortgage offering a 1% down mortgage loan to help cash-strapped buyers struggling to save money for a down payment. Tune in to hear about the risks involved as well as each moderator’s take on the idea. 

Topic #4 is all about Meta’s Twitter competitor app, which gets mixed reviews from this week’s Walk Thru panel but is interesting news nonetheless. 

The last but not least topic is how to create a strong newsletter for your brand. Stay to end for helpful tips and insights, especially if your emails aren’t getting the kind of engagement you want.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0001:44 Intro

01:44 #1—Agents are leaving the industry (NAR)

09:54 Shane Burgman green screen video

12:21 #2—A listing video idea from Ryan Serhant (BAM)

19:16 Page Steckling’s listing video 

26:13 #3—Rocket Mortgage offers a 1% down mortgage loan

32:24 #4—Meta’s Twitter competitor app

38:00 #5—How to create a strong newsletter 

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