There are some homes that can’t be summed up in a property description. And then there are others so extraordinary that not even the most skilled photographer can tap into the architectural magnificence of the property. 

The home featured in the season 4 premiere of HBO’s Succession is a prime example of this. Located in the highly sought-after Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles, the estate was built by real estate developer Ardie Tavangarian in 2020—and it deserves a closer look.

$83 Million Mansion in Pacific Palisades

Succession fans have grown accustomed to stunning visuals and attention to detail from every luxurious filming location. Viewers of the show have visited high-end apartments in New York City, London’s historic architecture and even a luxury yacht while on vacation to Croatia. 

So it’s no surprise that in the premiere episode of season 4, the Roy siblings met up at an $83 million mansion in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The approximately 20,000 square-foot mansion with 6 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms was constructed of woods, metals, stones and concrete sourced from around the world. 

But, like we said—words will never do this property justice.

A Masterclass in Home Tour Videos

In April 2021, Josh Yeo, the digital creator behind Make.Art.Now, shared his finished home tour video of the property. And the YouTube title encapsulates his experience: “The most INSANE house I’ve ever filmed.”

After reading a few of the YouTube comments, it’s clear developer Tavangarian put the same time and attention into the home tour video as he did building the property. While Yeo was on site to film for 20 days, he commented that the entire shoot was spread over a year and a half:

This was shot over the stretch of a year and a half. The owner is the architect / builder and when I started, it was almost finished but not 100%. I would film a week, edit, then he had notes, then come back 6 months later and do pickups of the new stuff.

Josh Yeo

Digital creator

Yes, the property itself is on another level. But commenters were quick to note the unparalleled skill of Yeo’s impressive home tour. From the shots to the sound design to the editing, the video itself is a masterpiece. 

Of course, most properties don’t need a listing video that takes a year and a half (and a budget to match) to complete. But any home featured on Succession is worthy of admiration and awe—and when you take a look at Yeo’s video, it becomes clear that this particular home takes luxury and opulence to a new level. 

Yeo’s home video tour not only showcases the stunning design and architecture but also demonstrates the incredible power of digital media to create an immersive experience for viewers.