BAM Key Details:

  • has launched its AI-powered Property Descriptions technology to make it easier than ever for U.S. and Canadian real estate agents to automate the creation of property listing descriptions. 
  • As a key part of’s MLS Suite, Property Descriptions uses computer vision technology to detect over 300 property details to create detailed descriptions in seconds. just launched its AI-powered Property Descriptions technology, making it easier than ever for U.S. and Canadian real estate agents to automate the creation of detailed and error-free property listing descriptions. 

And nope, this is not just another name—or another look—for ChatGPT. has been the leader in this AI-powered tech for over half a decade, generating more than 100,000 reliable, accurate, and richly-detailed property descriptions for its global client base. 

Unlike ChatGPT, can gather information from listing photos and the property address to add details to the description. 

Check out the short demo to see how it works. 

How does it work? uses natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM) to process your input and create detailed and human-sounding property listing descriptions, among other things. ChatGPT also uses NLP and can take information available online to add details based on your input. 

But takes it a few steps further. For one, it uses AI-powered computer vision, which gathers information from images you upload, detecting over 300 property-specific and relevant details to use in the listing description. 

In other words, you don’t have to feed the Property Description a long list of type-written details on the property. picks it all up from the uploaded images.

Another cool thing? looks up neighborhood information for the property and includes it in the listing description, mentioning details like proximity to local attractions or other neighborhood features. 

Who has access to

Available to MLSs, MLS vendors, portals, and brokerages, integrates with a number of third-party APIs to provide visual insights on listed properties to enhance their descriptions. 

Our 8 years of experience building real estate-specific computer vision models, deep ties to MLS software vendors, and the recent developments in generative AI models make our solution a truly unique and unmatched offering. Creating listing descriptions has long been a time-consuming process, taking agents up to 30 minutes or longer to complete but now our Property Descriptions solution can generate complex and creative descriptions in mere seconds.

Nathan Brannen

Chief Product Officer

As Brannen notes, Property Descriptions gives users a selection of different tones and writing styles to choose from to help create descriptions that match the user’s branding. The demo shows examples of how the editor modifies the wording for each option: 

  • Standard
  • Descriptive 
  • Playful
  • Professional
  • Simplified

If you don’t like the description suggests, you can instantly regenerate an alternative—similar to asking ChatGPT to “Try again.” 

Another important detail? descriptions are FHA-compliant and error-free. 

This technology is available as part of’s MLS Suite, which automates listing creation through its partnerships with nearly all the largest MLS technology platform providers, covering 80% of all property listings for North America. 

The tech supports more than 50 languages, accelerates time to market by five times, and slashes direct and opportunity costs by 90%. And, as with ChatGPT, agents can either publish the AI-generated property descriptions as-is or modify them to fit their own voice. 

Once you’ve reviewed and edited your description and are ready to publish, posts it right to the MLS. And you’re done. 

Learn more at and check out their demos