Real estate is a demanding industry—one that requires your attention and energy at all hours of the day. So, it’s no surprise that many agents turn to some form of self-medication to take the edge off.

But here’s the question: is your chosen method of stress relief helping or hurting your business? Some swear by smoking weed, acknowledging how it helps them manage stress and anxiety. Others, well, let’s just say they’ve developed a bit of a habit. 

In a recent podcast, Byron Lazine and Chris Smith spoke about their personal smoking habits and its impact on their careers. And it’s a conversation that’s sparked a larger discussion within the industry.

Take a look as we scroll through some of the agent reactions—including why smoking works for some people and not for others. And while you’re at it, take a bit of time to reflect on your own habits, whether it’s marijuana, drinking, or something else. After all, becoming the best version of yourself means taking a hard look at what’s working for you and what’s not.

Gave it up…and better for it

These agents agree—they’re better off without the weed. 

Cut out alcohol too

Others chimed in that when they also gave up drinking, things really opened up for them. 

The only medication I need

Whether for stress, insomnia, or pain, others find that a few puffs a day helps them more than anything else.

Maybe I should start…

With the number of likes and replies this comment received, the 2023 market just might make more agents start smoking.

What are your thoughts on smoking? Let us know in the comments!