I have a new tool with you—one that can turn you into an expert on all the local happenings in your market. 

Snipd is an AI app that goes beyond traditional podcast listening. It meticulously listens to entire podcasts, identifies crucial takeaways and creates a quick summary for you to read through.

The Power of Snipd in Real Estate

So, how can you use Snipd in your real estate business? 

Simple. Start by inputting your local area into the app’s search bar. Choose a relevant local podcast episode and choose “Run AI Processing.” This will create an insightful summary for you. 

You can then leverage this summary as inspiration for crafting engaging local blog posts, local client newsletters, or even potential green screen scripts. 

Click the “Get Started” arrow below to go through the steps of creating a podcast summary with Snipd. 

Become the Local Expert

Real estate agents, like Chris Colgan, are reshaping Instagram strategies by adopting a local news page approach. Regularly sharing local stories, he creates a community-driven space, promoting active comments and interaction from locals. 

From blog posts to email newsletters and even IG scripts, Snipd will streamline your creation process. But it’s not just about simplifying content creation; it’s about positioning yourself as the informed local expert.

And that will have people coming back to your content again and again.