Ah, Halloween. Some people love it; others hate it. But let’s be honest—we couldn’t let the holiday pass without at least one ghoulish post. 

We took our inspiration from a recent video from Derrick Gregory, where he shares elements of real estate that live rent-free in his nightmares.

Yes, for some agents, even Freddy Krueger can’t hold a candle to being trapped in a recruiting call with an eXp agent.

So in honor of Halloween, here are eight real estate nightmares we’re sure you know all too well.

#1–Letting a seller’s pet out of the home during a showing

True nightmare fuel. Especially if the four-legged friend ends up the way this one did.

#2–Your buyer buying a car the day before a closing

The quickest way to blow up a deal.

#3–Meeting the creepy new member of your team

Every degenerate from high school has a real estate license these days. Some should not be allowed around other people.

#4–Getting trapped in a recruiting call with an eXp agent

Listen, we just want to close the deal.

#5–No wifi in an open house

This level of isolation tests the limits of even the strongest agents.

#6–A buyer bringing their entire family to a showing

This is just unforgivable.

#7–Trying to find a lockbox

Or worse, finding the lockbox only to have this happen.

#8–Working with a family for months…

…only to have them move or decide to rent. Biggest waste of time.

What’s your scariest real estate nightmare? Let us know in the comments!