At the beginning of each month, I make a list of content ideas based on holidays, notable events, and what’s trending. This can help you plan your filming/posting schedule around what’s timely and relevant! As I mentioned in my trendjacking blog, posting about relevant topics gives your marketing a major engagement boost.

Here’s what to expect this September…


Football is back, so the entire month of September feels like a holiday.

September 5th: Labor Day. June through August basically didn’t even happen and we’ve already reached the end of summer. Slightly depressing, but also a good reset to go hard from here to the New Year. Labor Day is also another opportunity to let the entire world know that YOU do not celebrate this holiday because REAL ESTATE DOES NOT TAKE DAYS OFF! Weekends mean nothing to you. Make sure you post this somewhere on social media. But seriously, this is a good opportunity to send an email to your database with cool/fun Labor Day activities and to plug what open house you’re sitting.

September 11th: 9/11 Remembrance. 🇺🇸

September 28th: National Good Neighbor Day. Insert some joke about how the neighbors or people upstairs are “never around” when the listing agent shows the house. “Yeah it’s super quiet here I’ve never heard a peep from the condo above!” Meanwhile the listing agent only shows the property in a dedicated, one hour window when he/she knows they will be gone.

September 30th: National Disaster Preparedness Day. This is literally every day in real estate.


FOOTBALL IS BACK: College Football REALLY kicks off over Labor Day weekend followed by the start of the NFL season the week after. Sitting open houses gets a lot more frustrating when your favorite team kicks off in the middle of your second hour. BUT, this is a great opportunity to start weaving in some football action to your marketing. Maybe you host open house/watch parties, tailgates, or giveaways. Here’s a genius idea: Want to get YouTube subscriptions or email subscribers? Create a lead page and do a ticket giveaway to an NFL or college game. All they have to do is submit their email and subscribe to your YouTube channel, and you will announce a random winner on Instagram Live. It’s great content, it’s fun for your followers, and it builds your lists.

August 30th-September 11th: The U.S. Open. Serena Williams has officially announced her retirement, meaning this is one of the last opportunities we’ll have to pay homage to the GOAT of women’s tennis.

Entire month of September: Baseball is STILL going on as we creep into the final month before the playoffs. Can Aaron Judge hit 60? Will Shohei win the MVP? Who cares!?


Kids are back to school and parents are back to work. Life is returning to normal from what felt like the first real summer in three years. Expect more inventory as the market continues to shift. As Byron Lazine says, it feels like we’re in a “Cold War” with the market. Buyers are still waiting to see what happens with rates and if prices will drop further, and sellers are hesitant to list for that same reason. Perfect opportunity for good agents to consistently be educating their clients with video, KCM charts, and webinars. Webinars? WTF am I talking about lmao.


September 23rd: Don’t Worry Darling. This highly anticipated psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Olivia Wilde has been the source of tons of media buzz and drama. Maybe there will be some memeable moments in here.

House of the Dragon: The new Prequel to Game of Thrones just came out on HBO. I watched the first 40 minutes of the first episode and a guy got his balls chopped off already. Should be an incredible season. Maybe you can film some GOT skits or at least have the theme song in the background of your market updates.

Kardashians: It seems like there’s no getting away from them. From Kim’s split with the insufferable, overrated, unfunny, Pete Davidson to the second season of their wildly popular docuseries airing September 22nd. Look out for viral audios to lip sync to.

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