I’ve always thought burnout comes from working too many hours. But recently I’ve realized that it actually comes just from not having control over your day. 

2023 was a big burnout year for me—and I know it was for a lot of agents, too. Here are five things I’m doing to avoid burnout in 2024. 

#1—Pouring my thoughts out and identifying my “Daily 3”

In the morning, when I feel overwhelmed, I pull out my journal and start pouring my thoughts out onto the paper. Everything I’m thinking and worrying about, even if it doesn’t make sense, I just get it out of my brain and onto the page. 

Then I ask myself, “What are three things that I can accomplish today that will move the needle forward?” And I write those down. 

#2—Time-blocking my day on Google Calendar

Second, I open my Google Calendar and time-block my day. I set aside time to focus on those three tasks identified in the morning. That way I make sure I’m not filling my day with a bunch of random tasks that don’t get me any closer to my goals. I’m actually focusing on what I need to get done. 

#3—Using the ScreenZen app & Do Not Disturb Feature

The third thing I’m doing is using the ScreenZen app more, along with the “Do not disturb” feature on my phone. 

I’ve realized that I will scroll on social media at 8:00 pm, and I’ll see customer requests or comments we need to respond to. And then I end up working when I should be winding down from the day.

By using social media more intentionally this year, I’ll be able to focus on work during set hours throughout the day. 

#4—Task batching

The fourth thing I’ll be doing this year is task batching. And by that, I mean assigning different tasks for different days of the week: 

  • Mondays are for planning the week and delegating
  • Tuesdays are for meetings
  • Wednesdays are for deep work and creativity
  • Thursdays are a flex day
  • Fridays are for creating content

#5—Planning ahead

Number five is planning ahead—specifically planning our content calendar. I’m also taking time at the end of each month to recap and see what we did well and what we could improve on. 

What are you doing this year to avoid burnout and make this your best year yet as a real estate agent and content creator? 

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