Most agents simply put their listings up on the MLS over the past couple of years. Within minutes, buyers started booking showings, and homes sold within days. 

But as the housing market shifts, inventory is remaining on the market longer, giving buyers more options. Marketing your listings is critical to getting more exposure and stronger offers for your sellers. Agents know this is crucial to success, yet it often takes a back seat to listing paperwork, prospecting, appointments, and showings. 

Here’s the good news: gaining exposure for your listings doesn’t require elaborate schemes. Here are five simple yet effective strategies to drive traffic to real estate listings and establish a leading brand.

#1 Create a Single Property Website

Just about every consumer searches for real estate agents online when deciding who to work with. Websites, along with reviews, are a go-to platform for prospects assessing a real estate agent’s credibility. 

But website content doesn’t stop at blogs and listings automatically generated from IDX/MLS.  With improved search engine visibility and content optimization, a single property website markets each property to its total capacity. It’s a powerful method to drive traffic and reach a wider audience. 

Creating content around one listing, enhancing pages, and social media exposure can generate excellent benefits. Moreover, a single custom property website can earn more inbound links if marketed professionally. You can also use pay-per-click Google ads to increase traffic to the website.

#2 Leverage the Power of Mobile

A big mistake agents make is not optimizing mobile for websites. Look around—people use their smartphones to shop, explore, and connect. So, it’s quite understandable that they also use mobile devices to assess different home listings before making a physical visit. 

A responsive mobile real estate website with a user-friendly interface and seamless experience can add to your reputation and reliability. It can also provide you with an edge over competitors, increasing your chances of getting more clients. 

Even Google considers a mobile-first approach for search engine ranking. So, despite having a fantastic website, a poorly designed mobile experience can hurt your online ranking.

#3 Integrate Video Marketing

If you are not tapping into the potential of video marketing in this digital era, then you are losing some quality traffic. To drive traffic to your listings, center videos around specific properties with video tours. 

Video tours are an effective method to let prospects get the feel of living in that home. Use visual clips to highlight exclusive features of the listing and add narration for better engagement. The biggest advantage of video tours is that you gain search engine traction as videos are indexed. 

Make sure to optimize the meta title and description by adding keyword-rich copy, address, and MLS number. Also, add the link to your custom property website to direct the traffic to the relevant page.

#4 Use Email Marketing

Email remains a priority for marketers because it continues to convert. It is a direct method to interact with prospects, nurture leads, provide people with market information, and share target listings. 

Data has shown that users who visit a website through email have a higher conversion rate than other visitors. However, among an array of spam and random emails from different brands, you need to stand out to grab people’s attention and get them to open your email. Therefore, include a catchy subject and creative real estate listing description that compels consumers to visit your website.

#5 Get Social

With billions of active social media users, this is a perfect chance to create networks and promote your real estate listing services. 

Along with exclusive listings, share meaningful and helpful posts that add value and garner engagement. Stay active throughout by joining groups that revolve around real estate or create your own. This will give you a platform to connect with your market and share updates with thousands of users at once. Establish yourself as an industry expert to build trust and a strong clientele. 


With a new market upon us, gaining attention for your listings may become more challenging.  Rest assured that with the right marketing strategy in place, you will soon witness a rapid increase in your website traffic and conversion rates.