Your Google Business Profile is free and easy to set up – but chances are you aren’t harnessing its full potential. 

At a minimum, Google Business Profile puts your business on the map. Literally. But optimized fully, it becomes one of the few forms of marketing that appreciates over time

The Power of Google

There’s no question that potential home buyers overwhelmingly turn to Zillow to search for homes. But when consumers are searching for real estate services, they turn to Google. 

With over 90% of market share, Google dominates the search engine market. But only 16% of business searches are direct, which means 84% of business searches are discovery. In discovery searches, consumers use terms like:

  • Best real estate agents near me
  • Number one real estate team near me
  • Best realtors in my hometown

If you want a shot of appearing in those search results, you must prove to Google you fit the users’ search parameters. We break down how to set up and maximize Google Business Profile so your business gets pushed up in the rankings. 

Setting up Google Business Profile

Google makes setting up your business profile pretty straightforward, and since it’s free, there’s no excuse not to do it. 

  1. Create a free profile. Get started with your Google Business Profile at
  2. Personalize. After logging in with your Google account (you can create one if you don’t have one), you are guided through the remaining steps. This is where you will enter your business name, address, services provided, business category, phone number, and website. To complete your profile, include a logo and cover photo, hours of operation, and a description of your business.
  3. Verify your business. Google verifies your business information before placing it in search or Maps. Standard verification methods include a postcard, phone or text, email, video recording, or live video call.

Optimize Marketing Efforts on Google Business Profile

Maximizing your business profile requires some regular maintenance. Here are three ways to optimize your Google Business Profile, so you are more likely to appear in users’ searches. 

  1. Add photos and videos. Under ‘photos’ on your Google Business Profile dashboard, you can upload photos and videos. Include images and videos of your listings, office, team, closings, and team events. This personalizes your business and gives the user visuals they can remember. 
  2. Ramp up reviews. Aim to get over 100 Google reviews as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to hold a team competition to see who can get the most reviews. Reach out to your sphere of influence and past clients, and remember to ask for a review after every transaction. Be sure to take the time to respond to reviews you receive as well!
  3. Post regularly. Stay active on your business profile by creating new posts. Click on ‘Create Post’ from your dashboard to share open house dates, new listings, event information, awards received, or any general information you want consumers to know about.

The more information you share on your Google Business Profile, the more Google has to pull from. Utilize this free marketing tool and watch it bring value year over year.