I might get canceled for saying this, but stop posting just listed and just sold photos. No one cares. 

People don’t care about stock images, just listed and just sold photos, or even the high end photography you’re having produced. It’s so much more relatable to show how you are building your business while showing the struggles, the challenges, the sweat, the tears, and everything in between. People want to see the raw, behind-the-scenes authentic footage of what it took to actually build your business and brand. 

At the end of the day, people work with people they like, not with brands that are faceless or anonymous. 

The good news is that there is plenty for real estate agents to post that goes far beyond photos of a property. Here are nine examples of hooks and engaging content ideas for you to consider!

9 Real Estate Posts to Draw Inspiration From

Reflect on your initial expectations of becoming a Realtor

Hook: “Real estate was such a reality check for me.”

Take inspo from Katie Kenny‘s experience as she shares her initial expectations of a real estate career—and how it differed from reality.

Share the Journey 

Hook: “So I kept saying to myself.”

Take inspo from my reel where I share the challenges of my 2023 journey and how I persevered through those challenges.

Share the Rejection

Hook: “The rejection is real.”

Take inspo from Krys Benyamein as he candidly discusses the rejection and setbacks in his career.

Share your driving force behind why you’re a real estate agent

Hook: “Why do I do what I do?”

Take inspo from Alyssa McIntyre as she shares the passion driving her real estate career.

Share bad advice that was given to you about your real estate career

Hook: “Someone told me that I shouldn’t _____”

Take inspo from Katie Lucie‘s experience when someone advised her not to talk about being a mom because it was “unprofessional.”

Share a situation that rocked your self-confidence (and what you learned in the process)

Hook: “What a jerk named ____ taught me about running a business.”

Take inspo from Mackenzie Larch where she shares a text exchange from a lead who called her unprofessional. 

Share a difficult real estate transaction 

Hook: The one where everything almost fell apart 

Take inspo from Mckenna Jones as she discusses a challenging real estate transaction and how she successfully navigated through it.

Share something personal that you’ve overcome

Hook: “5 years ago I was ____”

Take inspo from Linzi Breuhan as she reflects on her life five years ago before entering the real estate industry.

Share your volume goal (and document the process) 

Hook: “I’m a little nervous to share this with all of you, but _____”

Take inspo from Emily McAllister where she shares her volume goal for the year, and then takes her followers on the journey with her.