It can be easy for Gen Z to look at Boomers as “old school” due to the age gap and societal differences. However, it’s important to remember that Baby Boomers control a significant portion of wealth in real estate, along with considerable influence through their extensive networks. Successfully engaging with them can significantly boost your career as a Gen Z agent. But how exactly do you bridge the gap between us Gen Zers and the Boomers? 

As a Gen Z, with less than two years of real estate experience under my belt, more than half of my clientele is 50 years or older. I have obtained these clients through open houses, door knocking, circle dialing, and referrals, but maintaining these clients requires a different approach. 

For Gen Z real estate agents, connecting with Baby Boomer clients is about much more than navigating market trends; it’s about enhancing your communication and focusing on what is important to the consumer. Here are three tips for Gen Z agents who want to grow their clientele of Baby Boomer clients. 

1. Pick up the phone and call them.

In a world filled with text messaging and emails, the personal touch of a phone call is the difference between a lead that ghosts you and one that actively engages with you. Especially for Baby Boomers who appreciate direct communication. 

When explanations get complex or emotions run high, a phone call is your best bet to avoid any miscommunication. This approach shows that you respect their communication preferences and are committed to building a strong, trusting relationship. 

A conversation over the phone can convey sincerity and allow for immediate clarification of doubts, which builds trust more effectively than even the most eloquent text message. Remember, consistently reaching out by phone can significantly deepen client relationships, making them more likely to last. And that’s what we want! 

2. Proactively focus on their next step.

Everyone knows how to look at an automated search. And for younger generations, that might be enough to find a home. The difference in helping a Baby Boomer buy a home is the value they place on a personalized touch. They may be comfortable with technology, but they rely heavily on their agent’s expertise to filter through the noise. By proactively sending them homes that align with their needs and preferences—and then discussing these options over a call—you demonstrate both initiative and dedication to their interests. 

A major factor in this approach is to take the focus off of selling their current home, and lay out the exact road map of getting to their next home. This will earn you the listing of their current home while also demonstrating how much you care about them. Baby Boomers know how much equity they have, they don’t need you to repeatedly tell them that. What they need to know is that they have somewhere to go after selling their home. 

A proactive approach shows you are invested in their journey, not just in making a sale. This can be especially crucial for Boomers who are often planning significant life changes and need an agent who they feel is genuinely looking out for them. This strategy not only builds trust but also sets the foundation for a client-agent relationship that extends beyond the transaction. 

3. Prioritize the relationship.

Building relationships with Boomer clients often means slowing down and personalizing interactions. While they may be experienced in property transactions, many still seek a dependable agent to guide them through the process. Taking the time to understand their past experiences, current needs, and vision for their future creates trust and loyalty. An important action I take after a conversation with a potential client is always documenting notes on the topic of conversation and anything important that they may have mentioned. Remembering a little detail about their life or their kid’s name goes much further than one might think—and all it takes is a quick note in your CRM

Engage in conversations that allow them to share about their lives; such interactions often provide insights that can help tailor your services more effectively. Establishing a rapport based on genuine interest and respect can turn professional relationships into lifelong partnerships and even friendships. 

Although there is a generational divide between Gen Zers and Baby Boomers, navigating the gap divide doesn’t have to be a challenge. By embracing the power of direct communication, offering personalized services, and building meaningful relationships, you can not only meet but exceed the expectations of your Boomer clients. These strategies have proven incredibly rewarding for me, allowing me to foster client relationships-turned-friendships that go beyond selling or buying a home.