Today marks six weeks until Labor Day. Are you ready to put a shockwave into your business for the rest of the summer?

You know what happens during the summer: agents take off. They go to the beach, they take long weekends, they’re drinking piña coladas and spiked seltzers. It happens every year.

Don’t get me wrong — you should take days off. You’ll be completely burnt out if you don’t plan any downtime. I’m saying to be mindful of the season you’re in.

Similar to December, summer is a huge opportunity to take market share when things slow down. Be ready to convert and service the consumers that want to transact in real estate right now and over the next six weeks.

I’m giving you the summertime plan to shockwave your business over the next six weeks. This one-page plan is all tied to math and designed to help you gain market share come fall. 

Step 1: Plan your Days Off

You first need to determine how many days you will be working and how many days you plan to take off. 

This needs to be a specific number and must go into your calendar. If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist.

Step 2: Set Minium Standards around Lead Generation

The next part of the plan is the meaty part. It consists of your personal minimum standards around lead generation and follow-up daily and weekly.

For example: I’m dedicating a minimum of two hours to focus on lead generation with no less than 15 conversations a day.

See how it’s all tied to math? That is the key with any commitment that you make. You either hit your standard, or you don’t.

Let’s break up lead generation standards into three pillars:

1. Inbound Lead Generation. Buyers and sellers go to the internet first. Zillow gets 75% of all internet search traffic for home buyers, so it’d be silly not to make that part of your plan. For example: One-hour time block daily, following up with every inbound lead received, with a minimum of 10 calls and six texts.

2. Listing Generation. Next is listing generations, which I view as the most important. What listing generation activities are you going to commit to? For example: One hour of outbound listing phone calls a day with a minimum of five appointments set per week on listing appointments.

3. Sphere of Business Generation. The next component of the plan is your sphere of business generation. These are the people that already know you, like you, and trust you. Don’t forget about them. Examples include: commit to 15 pop-bys a week or five conversations with your sphere a day. Even if the conversation is just about how they are doing in changing times. Easy, simple, and very effective.

Your plan needs to include commitments you are willing to stick to. I gave some examples above, but these are your standards, not mine. And remember — everything must be tied to math

Step 3: Set a Six-Week Goal

The last part of this plan is to determine:

What is your overarching goal for the next six weeks?

Plan out the following:

  • how many appointments you want to set
  • how many appointments you want to go on
  • how many listings you want to take
  • how many homes you want to sell

Example: I will set 35 appointments, go on 20 appointments, take 5 listings, and have 7 pending sales.

All tied to math. All specific. All measurable.

This gives you a target to aim for. So when you’re taking that three-day weekend or going on vacation, you know what the game plan is on a daily and weekly basis when you’re in the office.

You can enjoy days off and have a productive summer. Don’t be one of those agents who show up in September, walking around saying, ‘I’m ready to work. Let’s get back to it. Fall is here.’

Instead, create and execute a six-week game plan and blow those people out of the water.