If you are a real estate agent utilizing social media as a lead generation source, you should be documenting real-life home renovations. Whether it’s your own home or a client’s, capturing these transformations equals compelling content for your business. 

I recently had to replace my roof, which is a pain point for many Florida homeowners. Knowing this, I planned to document the process in an attempt to create valuable content for other new roof-needing Florida homeowners to consume. The result exceeded my expectations and led to new conversations, new leads and new homeowners in my pipeline.

Let’s explore three reasons why this approach is so impactful.

Showcasing the Process

One of the most significant benefits of documenting home renovations is the ability to show the step-by-step process. People love seeing the overhaul from start to finish. It demystifies the renovation process, making it more accessible and less intimidating for homeowners considering their own projects. By providing a transparent look at each stage, you’re educating your audience and positioning yourself as an expert in the field. 

With my roof replacement, I documented the entire process through a series of six videos on Instagram. I started off the first video with a hook that many Florida homeowners resonate with—high home insurance rates:

From selecting the materials to the final installation, each video provided valuable insights and practical tips. This not only engaged my audience but also built trust, showing that I’m knowledgeable and relatable. Check out the rest of this new roof mini-series here:

Entertainment Value

Consumers love HGTV. Home renovation shows have a massive following, and people are addicted to the drama and transformation. By documenting real-life renovations, you’re tapping into this entertainment value. 

When you share these stories, your content keeps your audience hooked and coming back for more. It’s relatable, it’s exciting, and it’s highly shareable. My roof replacement videos didn’t just inform; they entertained and started conversations.

Building Relationships with Vendors

As a real estate agent, you’re a connector within the community, the resource your clients go to when they are looking for a network of trusted professionals. When the audience saw the smooth and professional handling of my roof replacement, it sparked conversations. It also instantly built trust that I stand by the vendors I refer. 

Documenting the project and collaborating with the vendors built a stronger relationship with these vendors organically, but it also led to numerous conversations from homeowners requesting their contact information. By providing multiple opportunities for them I am building my referral network and strengthening my position as a local real estate resource. This kind of organic engagement and word-of-mouth marketing is truly invaluable. It demonstrates how showcasing your expertise and connections can naturally attract potential clients and build a solid reputation in the community.

Providing value to homeowners is something I strive for, and documenting real-life renovations is more than just a marketing tactic; it’s a comprehensive strategy that adds value and can elevate your real estate business. By showcasing the process, providing entertainment, and building relationships with local vendors, you’re positioning yourself as a leader in your local market.