Are you making 360-degree Matterport tours? 

If you’re not, you should. And here are three tips to set yours apart. 

#1—Before the scan, do a walk through

Before you begin scanning the house, walk through the home as if you were going to shoot it. 

Use the same route you would use when you walk through the house with your camera to shoot your Matterport tour. It may not sound like it, but this is a huge time-saver in the long run. 

Before I click “Record” on anything, I walk through the house without the camera as if I were going to be taking the pictures. And what I’ve come to find is it makes it way smoother in post. 

#2—Get the house ready

Get the house photo-ready before you start shooting. With the 360 tour, there’s no hiding anything. So, make sure the lights are on and everything is tucked away. 

Pro tip: Get the sellers (or anybody else) out of the house, so they don’t end up making the shot by accident. 

#3—Make sure every scan can see the one before it!

Tip #3 is the most important! Your current scan has to be able to see the scan right before it. 

If the scan you’re currently shooting can’t see the scan right before, it won’t stitch them together. And, as a result, the final video will have gaps and wonky jumps from one scene to the next. 

Start each scan (after the first) where the previous one ended, so they’ll transition smoothly from one to the next, creating a seamless viewing experience for potential buyers. 

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