The first half of 2023 is officially in the rearview. The heat is on (literally). 

As summer temps rise and other agents check out for vacation, the last thing you want to do is neglect your email list. Of course, you don’t want to send out filler content—you want to add value and stay top of mind with all your clients and prospects. 

Right now, plenty of potential buyers and sellers out there are having summer get-togethers with well-meaning relatives repeating the usual gloom-and-doom predictions about the market. 

You are the antidote. You’re also pretty great to work with. You can look at the market and at a potential client’s situation and help them see the best way forward. 

Don’t let your email subject lines be the weak link. We’d like to help with that. So, to keep those creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled 15 email subject lines you can use this summer. 

Email subject lines for everyone in your local market

  1. Best places to enjoy… Fireworks on the 4th, best summer picnic spots, best places to cool off on hot summer days, etc.
  2. Best places to celebrate… Summer wedding anniversaries, summer birthdays, summer home buying anniversaries, summer harvest season
  3. Win free tickets to local events—Sporting events, concerts, summer festivals (if tickets are required)
  4. # Things you need to know about… An upcoming event (summer festival, sporting  event, etc.), getting the most value out of your grill this summer, throwing a block party / getting to know people in your neighborhood

Email subject lines for buyers

  1. X-number of houses are about to hit the market… Pull the numbers from your MLS to make buyers aware of homes you know about that they haven’t seen yet—and give them a reason to contact you for more information.
  2. # Things you need to know / # Best tips for home shopping in summer 2023—with data on their local market and strategies for improving their chances of buying a home at a price they can comfortably afford
  3. # Reasons you might want to WAIT to buy your home—which would likely arouse a buyer’s curiosity since they’re used to agents telling them reasons why they should buy

Email subject lines for sellers

  1. # Things you need to know about selling your home in summer 2023—with the latest market data and tips for making the most of seller advantages
  2. # Steps to staging your home for a summer showing—with a list of hacks that have helped sellers get bigger offers for their homes
  3. Here’s what your neighbor’s home sold for this summer—because what seller wouldn’t be interested in what a neighboring house sold for in the current market?

Email subject lines for your listings

  1. Get a first peek at the perfect summer house—for home buyers or for those looking for inspiration to make their own homes a great place to be in the summer 
  2. Imagine the summer BBQs at this home—highlighting the spacious backyard, the kitchen that’s perfect for cooperative meal prep (and hanging out), and other features that make the home a relaxing place to host social gatherings
  3. The (local farmer’s market) is an easy walk from this address—highlighting a neighborhood’s walkability and the proximity of an attraction where parking can be tricky 

Other email subject lines

  1. We got you a little something to enjoy this summer. This could be a gift for someone who sent you a referral or for a client you’ve helped in the past: an e-gift card or an email to let them know something is coming in the mail
  2. Win an ice-cold cooler with the beverages of your choice—Give your clients a chance to win a cooler of ice-cold drinks to enjoy when the summer heat is at its most brutal. Deliver it to the winner’s door. And, if possible, send a little something to the other entrants.

Obviously, these are just suggestions. And there should be reasonable limits placed on the cost of the refreshments (like a maximum of one or two full-size bottles of anything with alcohol).  

Don’t forget the personal touch

As we mentioned in our last post on email subject lines, personalized emails should also be a priority when you’re keeping in touch with clients and prospects. 

Many of us get so many emails that, unless the email subject line grabs our attention by speaking directly to a pressing concern or passionate interest, we’re likely to skip it—especially if it looks like an email sent to hundreds or thousands of other people. 

A quick, personalized message that makes it obvious you have only that particular client or prospect in mind is more likely to be opened, read, and remembered. You can also create a short one-on-one video for each of the (potential) clients on your list. 

The point is to find a way to serve the people in your community. And that includes anyone in your area who could benefit from your understanding of the housing market. 

The more people you can help, the more word will get around, anyway. You’ll be the one people can count on to lay out the facts and be clear and honest with them—even if that means telling a buyer that waiting would actually be a better option for them at the moment. 

Your emails are another way to communicate your priorities as a real estate agent. And for the best agents, service always comes before making a deal.