On this episode of The Massive Agent Podcast, I’m talking about the only two things that agents need to become masters at. 

All the other stuff—all the other tactics and strategies and all the little details, are not nearly as important as mastering these two key pillars if you want to be a successful agent and have a great career.

The first thing is you need to master marketing. You need to be seen and known to get business as a real estate agent. That’s putting it simply. I go into more detail on the podcast. 

The second thing is you need to master your mindset. And I know some of you might be rolling your eyes at this, thinking mindset is just a buzzword, but if that’s what you’re thinking, you are standing outside the life you want. And you’re not even giving yourself a chance to open the door. Mindset is everything. 

The right mindset is what will enable you to be a master marketer. It’s the key to everything. If you don’t believe me, try the exercises I describe in this pod. 

Think of them as my challenge to you if you want to turn up your financial thermostat and thrive as a real estate agent. 

What have you got to lose?

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0008:10 Intro

08:10 The two main things agents must master

08:25 #1 You must learn to be a marketing master

10:27 “Videos that attract clients” training on April 26th

12:48 #2 You have to master your mindset

14:17 Book recommendation & the Massive Agent reading list for agents 

14:54 The financial thermostat

19:31 Building a new normal

20:41 Write your goals down every morning

22:24 Visualize as vividly as possible having met those goals

24:02 Moving toward abundance thinking 

27:53 Start thinking like a kid again—and make a list

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