It’s been a long year filled with terrible real estate pictures. We’ve compiled some of the worst ones we’ve seen in 2022, straight from the MLS. 

#1— Misleading Sign

I would bet almost anything that this house is not, in fact, gorgeous inside. It actually reminds me of the house from the movie Barbarian. Not a bad film, but not for the faint of heart. Anyways back to the house.  

Maybe I’m wrong, and this place has 14-foot ceilings and gorgeous exposed brick. We’ll never know. 

#2— Closet Shower

There’s a first time for everything. This creative use of space is a friendly reminder to open every door at a home tour.

#3— His and Hers 🤝

All I’m saying is that there should be at least two toilet paper holders.

Our favorite comment from @flies_n_rides: “The moment our hands met at the toilet paper… We locked eyes. And then we laughed. Together. Laughing. Crying. Wiping. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

#4— “Brand New AC”

Cheers to this creative problem-solving. Fits like a glove!

#5— Live, Laugh, Poop

Getting mixed signals here. 

Guess you have to use the tub 💩

#6— Insane Bathroom Art

This is the most unique angel mural I’ve ever seen. Would love to see it painted over!

#7—Eye of the tiger

A bathroom fit for the Tiger King himself. This one caused some back and forth in the comments, with plenty of people living for this bathroom design (apparently, it’s from Gucci). Head to @badrealestatepics to let us know what you think in the comments!

#8—The Kitchen

A pillar of great real estate photography is having descriptive—preferably spray-painted—signs to help distinguish which room is which, just in case anyone can’t tell.

It’s giving trap house meth chic.

#9— Photoshop Fail

Props to whoever botched this; at least they were trying to get into the holiday spirit.

#10 — You can stand under my umbrella ☂️

We’re skipping the bucket and heading straight to the umbrella! This photo screams mold, and I cannot believe someone decided it was an acceptable MLS submission.