Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. #6 will give you a new appreciation for popcorn ceilings. 

#1— Toilet Kitty

We’re seeing some mixed reviews in the comments on this one. Seems like it’s a dog-person vs. cat-person issue. Our favorite comment is from @mor_amandaleigh: “And this room is for “shittin’ on a kitten.”

I don’t think this toilet would be a dealbreaker, but one of my first trips after closing would be to a home depot for a new toilet seat.

#2 — Open Floor Plan

This place takes open floor plan to a new level. From the tri-color office to the animal wall, there are so many questionable decor decisions here. The pool seems nice, though.

#3 — Shamu Super Fans

View? 10/10. Repainting? Affordable. Not sure how you go about removing the orca statues. It seems like they’re secured into the ground pretty well. This home will be the right fit for someone with really specific SeaWorld interests.

#4— Silo House

This place is just kind of…sad. That being said, there’s a lot of potential here, and this place could make for a nice little Airbnb getaway after a big makeover. They also could’ve put in a shred of effort to remove the junk before the photos were taken. 

#5 — Crypto Overload

I can only imagine the amount of drugs and alcohol done in this place.

We already knew that most crypto bros are pretty douchey, but now we know they have awful taste too! Nobody should ever be so obsessed with Dogecoin that they make it wallpaper.

#5— Creative Headboard

Who wants to bet this seller found this idea on Pinterest? Seriously, a decent headboard isn’t that expensive, and nobody wants to sleep under someone else’s shitty DIY project.

Any normal person would take this down for listing photos, which leads me to the unfortunate conclusion that this thing is permanently installed.

#6— Ceiling Frenzy

Nothing is quite as infuriating as seeing a perfectly good house ruined with one bizarre detail. This person’s hyper-fixation? Ceilings.

How would you even begin to fix this?

#7 — Extra Railing

Everyone is guilty of overthinking sometimes. Including the guy in charge of installing this railing. This just seems like a lot of extra work for a weird-looking result.

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