Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features weird bathroom setups, sensory nightmares, and a wackjob trying to sell a renovated gas station.

#1— Chimney Window

Agents could emphasize the exposed brick I guess.

#2— Sensory Overload

The outside of this place was so deceiving. 

@nicolestorydent summed things up perfectly, “Tell me you were an art teacher in the 90s without telling me you were an art teacher in the 90s.”

#3— Flooring F*ck Up

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!? You have to go out of your way to do something like this.

#4—Bathroom or living room?

Now you can invite your friends to sit and chat with you on the toilet!

#5— Left, Right, or Leap?

I’ve never seen such a filthy real estate pic.

#6— Gas Station House

Well, my heart definitely skipped a beat. 

This is the most insane listing description I’ve ever read. Extra points deducted for the awful design of this place.

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