Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features wack paint jobs, a new twist on death trap stairs, and a horrifying nursery. Enjoy!

#1—Hates Natural Light

How is this legal?? How am I supposed to write a listing description for this place when it’s not sunny, bright, and full of TONS of natural light?

#2— Weird Bathroom Placement

Probably an easy fix, but bizarre.

#3—Paint Nightmare

When has black and red ever been an acceptable color scheme for a kitchen? The paint jobs in this place just get worse from there…

#4— Bunker for sale

It’s a little outdated, but not the worst place to wait out an apocalypse.

#5— Kiss Nursery

How to traumatize your children 101.

#6—In-Home Gym

I have a feeling the engineering on this one isn’t too solid. How are you supposed to get down the stairs?

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