Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features a creepy basement, a catfish house, and a cereal-themed mirror.

#1— Disney Fetish???

A lot is happening here, but the last three slides are a JUMPSCARE. There is something SO wrong with making Disney princesses sexy.

#2— Creative TP holder

Everything about this bathroom embodies the “Live, Laugh, Love” epidemic that’s been going on for years.

#3— DIY Wicker

I get wicker is in style, but going the DIY route with Cheerios can’t have saved that much money. 

#4— Forbidden Outlet

How does something like this happen? It doesn’t seem safe.

#5— Mini Car Wash

Excellent bathroom design if you need to wash your horse. 

#6— Catfish House 

What kind of man-child designed this?

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