Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features misplaced appliances, weird home shapes, and death trap stairs!

#1— Death Trap Stairs

Love having options when walking down the stairs!

#2— Fun House

This might break the record for the most textures we’ve seen in a bad real estate listing. @thebrianbuckley summed it up perfectly “This house is 1000% where you wake up next to a white person with dreadlocks that you cannot remember meeting.”

#3—Misplaced appliances

I think the oven is the most offensive part of this layout. The dishwasher is a close second, though. 

#4—UFO House

Reminds me of one of those spinny rides at a carnival. Not sure what makes me more nauseous.

#5—Kooky House

I don’t care if they’re reducing their carbon footprint. The rest of the house is a FEVER DREAM. 

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