Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features crazy dishwasher placement, cringey decor, and the laziest paint job we’ve ever seen. 

#1— DIY Floors

It doesn’t get lazier than this. I’d just be waiting for something gross to crawl out.

#2—Sugar Jars

SOOOOOOOOO QUIRKY! But seriously, I think this is on the more cringy side of the decor I’ve been seeing online recently.


On top of the obvious, these people left the bed unmade.

#4— Hidden Tenant?

Let go, let God, I guess.

#5— Elevated dishwasher

Bad back? We got you.

#6— Lazy Paint job

The thing that bothers me most here is that it was clearly a different lamp that was painted around.

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