Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features freaky grandmas, nipple lights, and awful design choices.

#1— Fun Bathroom Floor

Why pick one flooring design when you can have ‘em all?!

#2—Brady Brunch Reboot?

Waaaay too much shag. And a very bizarre laundry room wallpaper choice.

#3—Bed With Built In Kennel

So who’s going to tell this Facebook seller that their late Grandmother didn’t have a “dog kennel” under her bed?

#4—Las Vegas Pirate Ship Club

I am desperate for more information about the person responsible for this.

#5—Well Lit Steps

Boob lights are such a terrible design choice to begin with. How did this home end up with 12 in one place?


Even putting up a stall would have made this monstrosity a little better.

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