Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. This week features Pentagram decor, awful accent walls, and a surplus of roofs!

#1— Accent Wall Hell

Choose your fighter: honeycomb or mixed tile accent wall.

#2—Birds of a Feather

I can move past the fact that they wanted to incorporate a cute little bird painting, but why so big?

#3—Roof x2

Two is better than one, I guess.

#4—Warehouse x Rainforest

It’s a cool idea in theory, but I can’t stop thinking about the bugs…

#5—Demon House

The first few photos weren’t exactly promising, but the pentagram on the last slide really threw me for a loop.

#6—The Not-so-great Pyramids

The best comment goes to @ian.m.u “We got Egypt at home.”

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