Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. 

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#1— Tasteful Outlet

The owner of this place let their intrusive thoughts win.   

#2— Lofted Bed

Not even if it was the last place to sleep on earth. The ladder doesn’t even look like it could hold a child.

#3—Former Dental Factory

This looks like somewhere you’d keep hostages. WTF is going on with the bed in that last slide?

#4— Door to Nowhere

I can’t decide if I’m more upset about the door or that flimsy railing. 

#5— Weird Rental Rules

Excuse me sir, but it is well within my rights to fight, break up, and leave a mess! This landlord is jaded. Who hurt him?

#6— Toothpaste X Caulk Collab

Not everyone should be trusted with a caulk gun. The green tint makes it exponentially worse. 

#7— Furry Friend

Swipe at your own discretion. This person is bringing a whole new meaning to selling a home “as is.”

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