If you’ve ever faced a terrible inspection experience, you know how much it can complicate a deal. But let’s face it—they make great stories. 

We scoured Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to compile a list of the worst home inspection stories. You’ll read nightmare accounts from real estate agents all over, including BAMx members who shared their worst experiences during home inspections. 

Take a look, but don’t blame us if it brings back flashbacks of your own worst home inspection story. 

Caulk Plumbing

On an episode of the RealEstateDisruptors podcast, Fernando Angelucci shared his home inspection horror story. He bought a property without an inspection—and that was just his first mistake. 

Raw Sewage

I can’t imagine the buyers would want to close after @taraairhartrealtor walked into a house and found this. Just the idea you cannot even get into the crawl space is terrifying. 

All the Issues

You haven’t seen anything until you see this montage from Structure Tech Home Inspections of 47 Home Inspections Issues in 3 minutes. 

Tree Trunk Foundation

For the right price, is it good enough ?

Jack Support

I guess the thought process was if it can hold up a car, it can hold up a house. 

@fletchershomeinspections 1910 home. Difficult access to basement and the buyer had no idea. Never skip the inspection! #homeinspector #inspectionfails #oldhouse #fyp #foryou @inspector_preston ♬ Break My Stride - Chateau Pop

Call a Plumber

Who doesn’t love a good rain shower? This plumbing job deserves a spot on Worst of the Week

Nothing a little foam can’t fix

If you hang a poster on it, no one will even notice.

Stories from BAMx

We then asked the  BAMx members to share their worst home inspection stories, and they did not disappoint. 

Cindi Honeycutt said she is “Currently dealing with a sand filter septic that was never permitted by the state and is illegal to be used but also impossible to replace somehow.” 

Another time, there was a “Crawl space so muddy that 3 inspectors couldn’t even access the back half of it to assess. What they could see was covered in termites.” 

What a nightmare. 

Kristen Clowry reported how “One time my old home inspector fell off the roof, and we had to call an ambulance. He still charged us full price too.” 

He got his money’s worth. 

The Broke Agent said, “I was always so rattled at the inspection because I had no idea what the inspector was talking about.”

Sounds about right. 

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you or your clients at a home inspection?